Your Master Carpenter

Woodpecker Joinery

Dave’s extensive workshop, Woodpecker Joinery, has several areas that illustrate where your product is in its’ process of being created. The process starts in the wood store; this is where the freshly-skimmed timber is left to settle before being taken into the workshop.

Projects can take any length of time; from a couple of hours for a shovel handle, to a few months for a complete wooden framed extension to a 15th century vicarage. However contrasting these projects may be, they all have one thing in common; they are produced in the Woodpecker Joinery workshop. This well-equipped area has all the tools needed to produce your piece of joinery, whatever it may be.

Finally, the work of art is transported to your house before being fitted. However, not all projects are that simple. In 2004, Dave was commissioned to construct two huge entrance doors to a swimming pool in a neighbouring village. The doors were so large that more than one length of timber was needed to construct them! As a result, Dave had to piece the doors together in Woodpecker Joinery and then take them apart, before reassembling the doors on site as if they were a giant jigsaw!